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Manslice Monday: David Duchovny

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Manslice Monday: David Duchovny

Post by jade1013 on Mon 27 Jun - 13:13

Jun 27


Manslice Monday


Aquarius, currently in itís second season is a dark hit, dramedy, concerning three 1960ís cops, covering racism, sexism, and just about everything elseĖism. Aquarius is a dark, adult cop show that has been produced in two forms that of PG-13 and more for HBO. David Duchovny the star of The X-Files and Californication, former sex addict, and former husband to TVís Madam Secretary star, Tea Leoni, is starring in his third hit TV show. He admits that he didnít give any of his hit shows a chance in hell, but they each have become money making machines as the X-Files did for many years.

Duchovny is currently 55 years old, was born in New York, raised by his parents, has had two children with Leoni, went to Yale University, is a good looking, muscular, older guy, is also a writer, musician, producer and Iím certain he has more hidden talents.

David Duchovny writes for and produces Aquarius which centers on the turbulent racist, Vietnam War era of the 1960ís. The show is mesmerizing considering they extensively cover Charlie Mansonís rise to power.


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Re: Manslice Monday: David Duchovny

Post by sir on Mon 27 Jun - 13:19



Thank you Maria!
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