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The X-Files #35, November Issue - Topps Comics

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The X-Files #35, November Issue - Topps Comics

Post by sir on Tue 25 Oct - 7:24

The X-Files #35, November Issue - Topps Comics - Grade NM

1st printing.

This comic book is in new condition. Comic is complete with cover and all pages attached. This comic has flaws that warrant a NM grade.

Comic Book will be shipped bagged and boarded!

Cover by Miran Kim. "N.D.E. Part 1." Part 1 of 2. Story by John Rozum. Pencils by Alexander Saviuk. Inks by Rick Magyar.

A mobster is almost killed in a gunfight. When he wakes up, ghosts seem to have followed him back and want to kill him. Scully and Mulder are trying to find the truth, but when Scully finds out she has a personal connection to the case, will it impair her judgement?

The first series was published by Topps Comics and ran for 41 issues from January 1995 to September 1998, coinciding with the second through fifth seasons of the television program.

In 1996, Topps published X-Files #0, an adaptation of the pilot episode, in order to test the market for a series adapting the episodes of the X-Files TV series. The issue was successful, and X-Files Season One ran for nine issues (August 1997 - July 1998). The series's name was provisional, and Topps in fact intended to adapt every episode, but never got as far as season two. The series was written by Roy Thomas, who would create a first draft for each issue by working off of the episode's script, then watch the actual episode and modify his work to account for changes made on the set.


Thank you Maria!
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Re: The X-Files #35, November Issue - Topps Comics

Post by jade1013 on Tue 25 Oct - 7:38

Credit to original photographer, poster, scanner, site & anyone I may have missed in between

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