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9 Celebrities Who Tried Their Hand at Writing Fiction

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9 Celebrities Who Tried Their Hand at Writing Fiction

Post by sir on Sat 10 Dec - 1:23

9 Celebrities Who Tried Their Hand at Writing Fiction
Yahoo CelebrityDecember 9, 2016

Actor Wesley Snipes has a new book coming out next year, and itís not a memoir. Snipes is releasing his first novel, a supernatural thriller called Talon of God. Snipes told Deadline itís about ďspiritual warriors that inhabit this planet who are here to help balance out the evil forces, and they are always looking for the next apprentice.Ē So, kind of like Blade?

Snipesís foray into fiction might surprise you, but heís not the first star to try his hand with the genre. Actor James Franco released a novel titled Actors Anonymous in 2013. And naturally, he wrote himself into the story.

Sylvester Stallone wrote a book called Paradise Alley in 1977 and later turned it into a movie of the same name. If the swarthy action star doesnít seem the writerly type, donít forget he was nominated for an Oscar for Best Screenplay for Rocky.

Most surprising among celebrities turned novelists are Kendall and Kylie Jenner, who wrote Rebels: City of Indra in 2014. The dystopian tale was critically panned when it came out, and it only has 2 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

David Duchovny has two novels under his belt (2015ís Holy Cow and this yearís Bucky F***ing Dent). Then again, he did go to Princeton and Yale.

And some stars have written ďfictionĒ with storylines that very closely mirror their own pasts, including Snooki (2011ís A Shore Thing), Britney Spears (2001ís A Motherís Gift), and Pamela Anderson (2004ís Star).


Thank you Maria!
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Re: 9 Celebrities Who Tried Their Hand at Writing Fiction

Post by jade1013 on Sat 10 Dec - 2:14

Credit to original photographer, poster, scanner, site & anyone I may have missed in between

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