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5 Ways to Get Your X-Files Fix Before the Show Returns in 2018

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5 Ways to Get Your X-Files Fix Before the Show Returns in 2018

Post by jade1013 on Thu 21 Sep - 7:00

5 Ways to Get Your X-Files Fix Before the Show Returns in 2018

September 21, 2017 – 8:00 AM

By Alison Abbey  @awabbey

(©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Ed Araquel/FOX)

The X-Files is slated to return for an eleventh season in 2018. And while the premiere date isn’t a sure thing, we do know that there will be 10 episodes—eight of which are standalone installments, and two of which will continue the show’s epic conspiracy plotline.

If you’re dying for a Mulder and Scully fix in the meantime, we’ve got you covered. Check out these five X-Phile-approved ways to open the X-Files before the new year.

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The X-Files: Cold Cases Audio Series

Set in series creator Chris Carter‘s world of The X-Files and based on graphic novels by Joe Harris, the new installment is set after the events of the series’ second film, The X-Files: I Want to Believe. The Audible series brings in a truly fantastic twist: The characters are each voiced by the original actors, so you can get your Mulder and Scully fix via David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson narrating their original characters. Their chemistry is as electric as ever and the story is out of this world.

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New York Comic-Con

Next week ( Oct. 8 ) Chris Carter, David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson and Mitch Pileggi will take the stage at New York Comic-Con for a Q&A. And they're bringing a sneak peek of the new season with them.

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

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The X-Files Stolen Lives Audio Series

The X-Files: Stolen Lives, the second installment of the Audible series that follows Mulder and Scully further into the dark world introduced on the TV show, makes its debut Oct. 3. “The one thing that we can’t disguise [onscreen] is the fact that we’re aging,” says Anderson of playing Agent Scully across many mediums. “When it’s in Audible form, we are perpetually in our late thirties!”

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The X-Files: Earth Children Are Weird

The X-Files: Earth Children Are Weird, illustrated by Kim Smith, is based on characters created by Chris Carter. The kids' book tells a backstory of paranormal agents Mulder and Scully, reimagining them as young besties on an overnight camping adventure.

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Binge The Show!

Hit up Hulu to binge (almost) the entire series! While season 10 is not yet available, you can make it through the entire original run of the show to reimmerse yourself in the world of the Files.

Frank Ockenfels/FOX


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