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XFiles star David Duchovny thinks Scully's son should get his own show

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XFiles star David Duchovny thinks Scully's son should get his own show

Post by jade1013 on Wed 10 Jan - 15:58

X-Files star David Duchovny thinks Scully's son should get his own show

By Rachel Weber 26 minutes ago

X-Files is back, and the first episode of the new season focuses on Dana Scully's son William. In a recent interview with SFX Magazine, star David Duchovny - aka Fox Mulder - revealed that he'd like to see a spin-off featuring the little guy.

"Sometimes, †I think William should have his own show, and thatís how they should just continue it and go spin it off with this kid," he says. Duchovny actually directed an X-Files episode called William in season nine. "I think a lot of that [success] had to do with Chris Owens [who played Jeffrey Frank Spender] being such a good actor. Heís an important part of that episode. And now I think somehow, the future of the show is tied up in William."

Duchovny also spoke about how different writers bring out different sides of Mulder's character. "Itís interesting to go from one episode where youíll see an action Mulder, †or some kind of heroic person. Then straight back into one of Darin Morganís episodes, where Iím just a jerk and kind of a sad sack." Morgan is a regular writer on the show, and was responsible for the season ten episode 'Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster'. "His are always like that, somewhat poignant and reflective. His version of Mulder is very interesting, and often absurd and self-defeating," says Duchovny. "I always appreciate Darin Morganís character assassinations."

To hear more about X-Files' past, present, and future, grab the latest issue of SFX, on sale now. You can check out a preview here.†

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