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'The X-Files' Creator Chris Carter: A New 'Narrative' Game Is Coming

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'The X-Files' Creator Chris Carter: A New 'Narrative' Game Is Coming

Post by jade1013 on Sun 25 Mar - 15:32

Mar 25, 2018 @ 05:17 PM

'The X-Files' Creator Chris Carter: A New 'Narrative' Game Is Coming

Jason Evangelho , Contributor

A promotional poster for The X-Files: Fight The Future

Can you believe there was a time when an X-Files video game contended with Grim Fandango for Adventure Game of the Year. Obviously Grim Fandango won. Still, my inner fanboy lost himself in that sprawling, 7-disc interactive movie that was The X-Files Game when I wasn't bemoaning the infuriating lack of Mulder and Scully appearances. It's also the only time I used an Apple Newton, virtual or otherwise. But never mind that now because we're getting a brand new X-Files game!

The news comes directly from series creator Chris Carter, who informally announced it during an interview about the Season 11 Finale with XFN:

"I made a joke the other day about The X-Files, the musical, but in reality, they’re actually making a really interesting narrative video game, different from the one that’s been launched already," he told XFN.

That's a relief, because a mediocre hidden object game on mobile isn't exactly the kind of adventure I'm craving in The X-Files universe. Hopefully it won't be another mobile game.

As for it being a "narrative" experience, that's an impossibly broad term. One can imagine it being anything from a 3rd person shooter to a visual novel, but it will likely have Chris Carter's fingerprint somewhere in the mix, either via creative input or story writing.

Sadly, there's nothing else to report. No dates, no developer and no plot clues. I'd love a self-contained, immersive storyline set somewhere in the mytharc, but that may be wishful thinking.

The X-Files has a mixed history of interactive media outside the realm of the TV show, including comics, games, an audiobook voiced by the majority of the cast and...interactive databases requiring Internet Explorer 4.

Mr. Carter, I only have 3 serious requests: some of the dialogue needs to be penned by Darin Morgan (Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space'), Cigarette Smoking Man needs to make an appearance, and I want to actually play as Mulder or Scully.


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