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The House of David Duchovny, HoDD forum

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The House of David Duchovny, HoDD forum

Post by *webmiss* on Tue 6 Jan - 6:48

What is HoDD??

HoDD, the House of David Duchovny was born on September the 10th of 2006. This forum was originally a French place for David's fans... It's named after David's own movie, The House of D. Time going by, more and more fans arrived in our new "home" from all over the world... so little by little this forum began to be an English speaking forum so every one can communicate all together.

It has been decided that HoDD would be a private forum in the way that you have to register and introduced yourself in order to have complete access to this board, access that you may lose after a few months without posting. To have it back, you just have to answer your presentation topic. We don't ask you anything else, it's just easier for us to manage it this way.

The House of David, is managed by 3 Admins (all 3 in pink color on board) from different places and laguages: Timmy from France, Rebecca from Germany and Sonja from USA. We are helped in several folders by a great team of moderators, that you can recognize thanks to their purple color.
If you have any question, feel free to ask one of us.

We try to be more than just a basic forum, we try to be a community of fans, that's why in addition to the folders about David, his movies, pics... we've created parts about our everyday lives and our meetings.

We hope you'll have a great time on HoDD!
Welcome home!

-HoDD's staff

Thank you for all your support!

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