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Project Hoddie - What to say!

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Project Hoddie - What to say!

Post by -TouchStone- on Thu 13 Aug - 15:46

If you want to speak about our project, here is what you have to say.
Please don't reformulate it, just use this entire message.
We want to be sure the aim of our project remains attached to our project

~The organizers~

What is the Hoddie Project?

We wanted our forum's mascot to travel from member to member and in a way unifying our community even more.
And this is how the Frankenbear came to our mind, why not using that journey to raise some money at the same time.

We want Hoddie to visit the many parts of the world thanks to our members. The longer Hoddie's journey is, the more money we will raise for a charity chosen by David Duchovny. HoDD being dedicated to David, it seems obvious the choice should be his. We dealt with a third person and got our information: unicef (helping children)

You can help us in 2 ways, one doesn't exclude the other one:
- You can host Hoddie and show him your town (for the HoDDers only & only the admins have the authority to give permission of who hosts Hoddie)
- You can give the organizers a little something for the charity. There is no benefit too small. Even $2 would be great!!

If you have any question, you can reach us here:
and we will be glad to answer you as soon as possible.

Thanks for your attention.

you can add some links too among those:
The House of David Duchovny (HoDD):
Facebook: Hoddie Vonofde Hodd
2 shops:

Here is our 1st trailer: