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Raising Money all together

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Raising Money all together

Post by Hoddie vonofde HoDD on Thu 20 Aug - 14:59

Hello my dear HoDDers,

I really appreciate that everyone is working hard to raise money for the chosen charity, unicef. It is a great cause!
My goal is for everyone to raise the money as a group and for the money to be given all together from all of us HoDDers as a group.
We want to be united in giving the money to unicef, so the money is not from an individual but from HoDD as a community and this way the amount will seem to be more important. Even if it's equal to 20 amounts sent separately.

Let me remind you of the existence of our 2 shops, created especially for the event.
2 to 5$ per item will be given to us and so going to unicef via our project. Maybe you could try selling some pins for instance, so we win some money here too :


Thank all of you for your investment Heart
It's truly appreciated
Hoddie vonofde HoDD

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