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Aquarius - Grey Damon - Interview

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Aquarius - Grey Damon - Interview

Post by jade1013 on Sun 24 May - 13:25

Aquarius - Grey Damon - Interview

Posted by Ben L. at Friday, May 22, 2015

I give credit to SpoilerTV and NBC for letting me use this photo below.

What inspired you to audition for the show, Aquarius?
What inspired me was that it was an undercover cop in the '60s. It's kind a dream role for an actor at least it was for me. However, I didn't think I'd be playing a cop so early in my career but I'm happy that I did because it was one of the interesting, coolest, fun experiences so far.

What was it like working David Duchovny from the wonderful X-Files?
It's probably like you imagined it, it was wonderful. He's such a groovy guy. He's just knows his stuff and he's attention to detail. It's the way he gives to other actors and it can be difficult for an actor to connect with an actor. I felt he always gave so much to work off and so much to use. He was very supportive of my choices. It's so cool to have someone like that on your team. Great team leader for being a head of the show.

What inspired you to become an actor?
Originally, money. I know how that sounds but I was an extra because I originally thought I was going to be a cartoonist and I moved to Los Angeles because I've never seen a beach and never lived in a big city with a lot of artistic things. I did do some acting growing up but it was more for fun. Initially, I came out here for an artistic community. However, it just happened that acting was my career.

You played Hastings on Friday Night Lights. Did you ever played football when you were growing up?
Yes, I did actually. I did in middle school and some in high school. I was a running back and a wide receiver. It was really fun. I played almost every sport growing up.

I'm a huge fan of True Blood. What was it like taking a different role than your other roles on Friday Night Lights and Aquarius on True Blood?
It was one of the coolest roles. I got to become a complete idiot. It's fun to play roles like that. It's such a loose show. True Blood helped me step out of my skin and helped me in my future roles. I can accredit this show for that. It was cool to build a role like that.

I enjoyed the show, Twisted. I was very sad to hear it was cancelled. What was like taking on a character like Archie, who had mood swings a lot?
I actually went it in for Danny. Then, they ask me to go for the bully and I was trying to figure out how do I bully a killer? I have to be a very imitating person from a place of insecurity. It was kind of fun to figure out and hope to execute it well. I wanted people to hate Archie and wanted them to know how terrible he was, but also wanted people to understand where he was coming from. It was one of the coolest roles I ever played. I loved working with the cast: Maddy, Kylie, Ashton, and Avan.

I was bummed to see Star-Crossed cancelled as that was an awesome show. What was like working with the awesome Matt Lanter from 90210 (Grey also had a guest role in one episode on 90210 back in 2009)?
He is a cool, laid-back dude. It's nice to work with actors who just go to work, hang out and do their jobs.

It was wonderful interviewing Grey Damon. Don't forget to check out Aquarius on Thursdays beginning May 28th at 9pm EST on NBC.


Credit to original photographer, poster, scanner, site & anyone I may have missed in between

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Re: Aquarius - Grey Damon - Interview

Post by sir on Sun 24 May - 13:26



Thank you Maria!
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