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Aquarius Preview

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Aquarius Preview

Post by jade1013 on Thu 28 May - 9:15

Aquarius Preview: Claire Holt on Battling Charles Manson, 1960s Fashion & More

Jim Halterman at May 28, 2015 11:00 am.

She's spent some time in Rosewood on Pretty Little Liars and, of course, she's made us swoon as Rebekah on The Vampire Diaries and its spinoff, The Originals.

But Claire Holt is now †going to the 1960s.

On the new NBC series, Aquarius, the Brit is playing an American cop trying to make her mark in during a time when women were not respected as police officers.

However, on the plus side, as the actress told us recently, working on a show set in another era means cool outfits, make up and hair... as well as working alongside co-stars David Duchovny, Grey Damon and, as Charles Manson, actor Gethin Anthony.

What challenges did Holt face in this new role in a new genre? Let's see what she had to say about the new series, which premieres tonight on NBC...

TV Fanatic: I know Charles Manson, of course, is a real person but what about your character in the show?

Claire Holt:† Itís based off of a real woman but I think what John McNamara, the showrunner, is trying to do in the show is fantastic. Even Charles Manson, heís not trying to make historical fiction so every part of it is enhanced or developed in a way that is right for the show and so I think the plot and the characters are generally based off of someone. Weíve taken liberty here and there with the characters as well.

TVF: Charmain is innocent in a lot of ways so was that a challenge for you to play? Obviously, Rebekah is very self-assured and very in control.

CH: You know it was really appealing to me because it was so different than anything Iíve played before. I think whatís nice about Charmain and whatís inspiring about Charmain is while she is naÔve and while sheís really in what really is a manís world, sheís driven and she wants to do good and she wants to make a difference in the police world. She doesnít see her gender as limiting in any way, in terms of her brain capacity or her ability to do the brief like the men do and so thatís what I really like.

I think itís also very interesting to play a character in a time when women had no rights and they werenít able to just work their way to the top and it was eye opening for me and definitely difficult and it showed really how far we have come but also we have a really long way to go.

TVF: I noticed in one scene youíre basically helping with the case but then the next one theyíre asking you to get coffee and that sort of thing.

CH: Right and I can only imagine how frustrating that would have been for a woman as bright as Charmain and as determined as Charmain to have to do the filing and make the coffee and really accept the fact that she doesnít have a say and she has to do what sheís told.

TVF: Do we get any backstory into what drives her to be a good cop and get involved more?

CH: No, we really donít learn too much about her backstory and thatís something that Iíve discussed with John in the sense that should we be lucky enough to get future episodes hopefully weíll delve more into that. But I think she just has a really strong spirit and a fine spirit. She wants to do good and she sees that Shafe (Grey Damonís character) is somewhat on that path to the best of his abilities and I think sheís quite inspired by that, and she looks up to him in that sense.

TVF: How was it just wearing some of the outfits? Outside of the cop uniform you also get to dress up and you get this great 60s hair at times.

CH: It was so fun, oh my gosh. I never had worn those types of clothes before, of course, because I wasnít born in the Ď60s. It was really great to immerse myself in them and it really helps you get into character as well but I loved some of those high-waist pants and the little tops. All of the costumes and all the hair and makeup on the show are so amazing. We have such talented designers and so it was easy to really reference that time period.

TVF: Did you get into the music of that era at all? Itís definitely a part of the show as you watch the episodes.

CH: For sure. Yeah. It was something that I wasnít too familiar with. I was familiar with some of the music from the late Ď60s but not a lot. I definitely tried to listen and, of course, music was really important to Charles Manson so thatís a huge part of the story.

TVF: Tell me what weíll see from Charmain later in the season as she gets more immersed in the police work.

CH:† In episode nine, itís the first time Iím allowed to go out and do field work and my character is involved in a fatal shooting where the two police officers, one African American and one white police officer are shot dead in a diner and Iím the only one that survived. Itís a really fascinating episode about the blame thatís placed on Charmain and how it feels to be in the LAPD when thereís a cop killer on the loose and the reason that I couldnít defend themÖitís really quite a disturbing episode to be in and to really see what these men do to Charmain after this incident. Itís quite horrible.

TVF: Was there a challenge for you to be in this kind of cop genre? Youíve been in the vampire/wolf genre for such a long time.

CH:† The entire style of the show is so different from the acting to the writing to the camera shots. I wouldnít call it difficult. It was different and it was exciting to me because as actors weíre creative beings and we like change and we like all different things so it was really nice to be able to venture down a new path.†

Aquarius Season 1 Episode 1 and†[Aquarius Season 1 Episode 2 both air on NBC tonight, starting at 9/8c.

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Re: Aquarius Preview

Post by sir on Thu 28 May - 9:20



Thank you Maria!
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