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David Duchovny decided his 'Aquarius' character 'sweats a lot'

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David Duchovny decided his 'Aquarius' character 'sweats a lot'

Post by jade1013 on Thu 28 May - 13:18

David Duchovny decided his 'Aquarius' character 'sweats a lot'

By Jay Bobbin
May 28th, 2015

Before he opens "The X-Files" again, David Duchovny will spend the summer tackling a reality-based mystery.

Returning to series drama after his seven-season run on Showtime's seriocomic "Californication," the actor also is an executive producer of NBC's late-1960s-set "Aquarius," which has a two-hour premiere Thursday (May 28).

He plays a World War II veteran and Los Angeles homicide detective struggling to cope with the rapidly changing times as he seeks an ex-girlfriend's missing daughter (Emma Dumont), helped by an undercover peer (Grey Damon, "Twisted") whose look fits the era's youth culture. Eventually, their paths cross that of someone headed for infamy: Charles Manson (Gethin Anthony, "Game of Thrones").

"What was interesting to me was less the actual period and more what the world was like when my character, Sam Hodiak, grew up," Duchovny tells  Zap2it. "Like my father, he would have been born in the '20s, and he came of age in the '30s and early '40s. That's a very different person from somebody who came of age in the '60s or, like me, in the '70s ... and to bring that guy into the '60s, with the hippies and the black power movement and all that, what did it look like to him?"

Though "Aquarius" surely evokes a certain era, Duchovny likes the timeless quality of his new alter ego: "We looked at 'Point Blank' and some of the movies we liked from the '70s, and that was the kind of guy I was drawn to and talked about with John McNamara [the show's creator and another of its executive producers], to make him that kind of cool character."

Expectedly, "Aquarius" is packed with references to its period, from Hodiak's car to the tunes on the soundtrack, which include Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" and the Monkees' "Daydream Believer." Duchovny notes, "You run out of your budget pretty quickly going for those songs, because [the rights are] so expensive, then it's really finding the hidden gems that manage to transport you to that time even if you don't know them. That's when the real digging occurs. We're not a cheap show, but the sky wasn't the limit."

The vintage vehicles also had their limitations, since Duchovny reports the one he was assigned "had no air conditioning, and the brakes were not good. We were shooting in L.A. last summer and at one point, I said, 'OK. I guess my guy sweats.' I just made the decision that he sweats a lot, because there was nothing else to be done. The weird thing is that all the cars that exist from that time are really nice now, and not everybody had a 'cherry' vehicle."

In a rare broadcast-network move, on the same night "Aquarius" has its on-air premiere, NBC will make the entire series available on its website and on on-demand platforms for a four-week period. For Duchovny, the show is something of a prelude to his much-anticipated reunion with Gillian Anderson and creator-producer Chris Carter on Fox's continuation of "The X-Files," being planned for a six-episode run starting in January.

"I like to work, and this year has been interesting," Duchovny confirms. "The schedule with 'Californication' was good because it gave me a lot of free time, not only for family stuff but to think about what else I wanted to do; I had time to write fiction and to look into music as well. It seems like I'm busy right now, but it's more like I was busy a year ago."

Photo/Video credit: NBC


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Re: David Duchovny decided his 'Aquarius' character 'sweats a lot'

Post by sir on Thu 28 May - 13:28



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