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Aquarius': Charles Manson rape scene fact check

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Aquarius': Charles Manson rape scene fact check

Post by sir on Thu 28 May - 20:16

A show that boasts Charles Manson as one of its main characters is expected to have some twisted moments, but "Aquarius" really pushes the envelope in the series premiere.

Manson (Gethin Anthony) makes a power play in the first hour of the episode when he corners his newest conquest's father, Ken Karn (Brian F. O'Byrne), in a parking garage.

He uses a razor blade against Karn's neck to keep him quiet as he attempts to rape him. The horrible moment is interrupted by a car driving through the garage so Manson is forced to flee, leaving Karn terrified and traumatized.

The real Charles Manson's crimes and sexual prowess with women is well documented, but his history with men is lesser known. Those with only a cursory knowledge of Manson's story may be surprised to know that the scene wasn't just added for dramatic effect -- it stems from Manson's real-life accounts.

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Manson identified as bisexual in a 2013 interview with Rolling Stone. In the same article he recounts a story of having sex with another man in a shower when he was 17.

"I asked this guy, 'Let me stick my peter in your butt.' He said no way. I picked a razor blade up off the shower floor and said, 'If we get caught, I'll tell them I made you do it.' So, he let me do it," Manson says. "But I don't know. Maybe he thought I was going to cut him."

Manson's story shows the inspiration for the "Aquarius" scene, but that doesn't mean that all the events of the series are to be taken as fact. For example, Karn and his daughter Emma (Emma Dumont) are both fictional characters.

"It's sort of a work of historical fiction that weaves some things about Manson that are true, some things that are fictional, and entirely fictional characters like David [Duchovny's] character of Hodiak. Emma's character is also fictional. Grey [Damon's] character is fictional," writer and producer John McNamara told a group of journalists at NBC's summer press day on April 2.

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In essence, Anthony is using the stories of the real Manson to create a fictionalized version of the mass murderer.

"I think what is great about what Gethin did and what he does is he's not trying to impersonate Manson. He created a character that happens to be named Charlie Manson that he's playing, and it's totally his creation," says series star David Duchovny. "We're not trying to do a Charles Manson story. We're doing a historical fiction with characters in it."

Fictional or not, Manson's exchange with Karn in the parking garage and Karn's follow up appearance at Manson's ranch indicates there's a lot more to that relationship than meets the eye -- which should bring viewers back for more of the twisted "Aquarius" ride.


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Re: Aquarius': Charles Manson rape scene fact check

Post by jade1013 on Thu 28 May - 20:19

Credit to original photographer, poster, scanner, site & anyone I may have missed in between

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