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David Duchovny Releases Hell or Highwater

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David Duchovny Releases Hell or Highwater

Post by jade1013 on Fri 29 May - 11:33

David Duchovny Releases Hell or Highwater

lisa heffernan | May 22, 2015

I値l see you all in white again
We値l beat the devil
All ill will be well
I will stand here forever
Come on rushing waters
Heartbreak and Hell

庸rom 滴ell or Highwater by David Duchovny

Actor, director, producer, poet, author, English lit scholar預nd singer/songwriter?

Fifty-four-year-old David Duchovny stars as the Charles Manson chasing L.A. homicide detective Sam Hodiak in the 60s-era series Aquarius airing May 28 on NBC. He痴 reprising his role of Fox Mulder on an upcoming X-Files mini-series, where the characters will leave off from the second film, The X-Files: I Want to Believe. The former Californication star also recently published an allegorical novel entitled Holy Cow about pastured animals who fear going to an industrial meat farm.

If that痴 not enough, the Renaissance man is releasing his first album, Hell or Highwater, this week. The alt-rock record is comprised of 12 self-penned tracks. While he never imagined becoming a singer/songwriter, he believes music is one of the truest forms of expression: 展hat I do know is that I feel these songs represent the truest expression that I致e ever been able to achieve and I look forward to sharing it with everyone, said Duchovny.

After picking up the guitar a few years back to learn how to play The Flaming Lips whimsical song, 添oshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Duchovny, a writer of poetry, decided to start writing lyrics. On Hell or Highwater, he痴 backed by a band called Weather that gives his songs a 90s alt-rock feel. An admirer of Jeff Tweedy, Duchovny has compared his album痴 sound to Wilco and R.E.M.

His melodic voice has a slight twang on some tracks, and sounds Jacob Dylan-esque on others. The romantic title track works but songs like 鄭nother Year fall flat. He is a Renaissance man but, musically, he痴 no Jeff Tweedy.

Long Island Pulse

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Re: David Duchovny Releases Hell or Highwater

Post by sir on Fri 29 May - 11:37



Thank you Maria!
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