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Claire Holt gets down and dirty in terrifying new TV role

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Claire Holt gets down and dirty in terrifying new TV role

Post by sir on Sun 7 Jun - 15:23

QUEENSLAND actress Claire Holt has ended her supernatural streak on the small screen with a true tale of terror in Aquarius.

The 26-year-old is well known for her breakthrough role as a mermaid on the Gold Coast-filmed teen series H2O: Just Add Water.

Since moving to the US nearly seven years ago, the Brisbane native has gone on to star in two vampire-themed dramas: The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.

"I have been living in a heightened reality playing a vampire and a mermaid on these shows," Holt tells APN.

"Aquarius was such a different experience. It is my favourite job I've had to date."

Holt stars opposite David Duchovny, Gethin Anthony (Game of Thrones) and Grey Damon in the American crime drama.

She describes working with The X Files star Duchovny as a "dream".

"He creates a nice (working) environment; he makes everyone laugh," she says.

"I was really nervous the first day.... I've been a fan of his for a very long time and I was desperate to not mess up. I managed to not do that and it was smooth sailing after that."

The gritty crime drama follows police officers Sam Hodiak (Duchovny) and Brian Shafe (Damon) as they track cult leader Charles Manson (Anthony).

Holt's character Charmain Tully, eager to get her hands dirty with some real police work, goes undercover with Shafe.

"He's one of the few who sees potential in Charmain at a time when women were not allowed to do anything in the police force except the filing and the coffee," she says.

"Female police officers had to carry their guns in their handbags, which is crazy to me."

Aquarius is on Presto, Foxtel and Channel 7's streaming video on demand service, now.


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Re: Claire Holt gets down and dirty in terrifying new TV role

Post by jade1013 on Sun 7 Jun - 17:45

Credit to original photographer, poster, scanner, site & anyone I may have missed in between

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