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David Duchovny takes on Charles Manson

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David Duchovny takes on Charles Manson

Post by sir on Sun 14 Jun - 10:21

Most actors are lucky if they strike gold once in their career, but David Duchovny is looking at a third role that has the potential to become iconic. The 54-year-old actor, who became a household name thanks to The X-Files and Californication, is next starring in Aquarius, a new 13-episode series set in 1967 the era of free love, drug experimentation and the Vietnam war.

In the new TV drama he plays LA Police Sergeant Sam Hodiak, an old-school cop who breaks all the rules to get his man. When he tries to help find his ex-girlfriend's missing teenage daughter, Sam suspects Charles Manson, a small-time cult leader, may have lured her into his inner circle.

He teams up with a rebellious undercover cop (Grey Damon) to get close to Manson and his followers, setting off a cat-and-mouse game that none of them could imagine will end four years later with the gruesome murder of seven people, including actress Sharon Tate.

Aquarius mixes fact and fiction in a world full of iconic 60s music, fashion and other references from that tumultuous period in history. "What I really responded to in this material was that my character was born in the 20s, so he came of age in the 40s, and now he's confronted with this flower power world that he does not understand, but he still has to get into that world in order to get Manson," says Duchovny. "I just loved the historical context because the 60s was a tumultuous time all over the world and in the same kind of a way it was a young person's decade, so my character really struggles with being the wrong generation."

The first episode is full of jokes about his age but Duchovny says he suggested them to the show's writers. "I don't have a problem with the 'old guy' stuff, because I've been making jokes like that about myself for a long time," he grins. "I find myself to be a good butt of jokes."

The actor says as far as he knows, nobody involved with the show which revolves around a fictitious investigation has contacted the 80-year-old convicted murderer. "The only thing that I would be able to predict is that Charles Manson would probably sue us for defamation of character, which is one of the greatest ways to get publicity of all time," he chuckles.

It is a great role for an actor who is the first to admit he did not expect to be heading up another TV show so quickly after Californication. "But I like to work," he says. "I like a new challenge and I read this and really thought it would be fantastic, because we're either going to explode and sink or people are going to love it. I'm just really kind of thrilled to still be able to anchor a show."

Duchovny Duchovny, who is also executive producer of the show, has surrounded himself with an international cast including Welsh actor Gethin Anthony (Renly in Game Of Thrones) and Australian actress Claire Holt, who plays a police officer trying to overcome the sexism of that time to join the investigation.

He has embraced his role as the 'elder statesman' on set. "It just feels good to go to work and be responsible," he says. "And I like being responsible for a set and hearing that the other actors are saying nice things about me. That pleases me more than anything else because there is nothing I like better than to make another actor better."

Aquarius, TV One, Tuesday

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Re: David Duchovny takes on Charles Manson

Post by jade1013 on Sun 14 Jun - 10:30

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