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Vampire Diaries star on Aquarius and David Duchovny

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Vampire Diaries star on Aquarius and David Duchovny

Post by jade1013 on Mon 29 Jun - 11:39

Vampire Diaries star on Aquarius and David Duchovny


Last updated 05:00, June 30 2015

Claire Holt as Charmain Tully for new drame

Claire Holt is no stranger to playing tough women in her roles on The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, but the 26-year-old Australian actress claims her new character on the TV drama Aquarius is her strongest yet. "She's a policewoman in the 1960s and I had never played a woman who had such an inner strength in a situation where she was constantly being put down by people and she was subordinate to everyone," Holt tells TV Guide. "Back then, women really had no rights and police officers who were female made the coffee and did the filing and were really talked down to."

The 60s cop drama follows a conservative veteran cop (David Duchovny) and his liberal hippie police partner (Grey Damon) who go undercover with a rookie policewoman (Claire Holt) to investigate a petty criminal named Charles Manson following the disappearance of a teenage girl. The events take place three years before Manson's infamous murder spree.

"I had never really done anything like this before, so I really had to fight for it," Holt says of her role. "It was really something that I was excited about doing, having the opportunity to play the first woman who really would be allowed to do anything, to be able to go undercover and be given the opportunity to break the constraints of what females had been allowed to do for so many years."

Holt describes her character Charmain as constantly trying to prove herself. "When she's given the opportunity to do something that she never thought that she'd have the opportunity to do, she just wants it all the time, and she just wants it yesterday, but it's definitely a slow burn for her and we will see her constantly taking steps forward and steps backwards, and having to deal with what people think of her in and out of the precinct."

Born in Queensland, Australia, Holt gained her acting start in the Australian-based TV show H20: Just Add Water, leaving after three seasons to move to Los Angeles for a recurring role in the series Pretty Little Liars followed by a lead role in The Vampire Diaries and its spin-off, The Originals. "I was looking for something different when this came along," she says of her new role. "I'd just spent three years in Atlanta two on Vampire Diaries and one on The Originals and it was nice this show was set in Los Angeles so I could sleep in my own bed."

She also admits that her biggest reason for saying yes was the chance to work with former The X Files and Californication actor David Duchovny. "I've been on shows where there are mostly all younger actors so we're in the same boat," she says, "but David has done two incredibly successful shows so you can't help but learn a lot from watching him work. He's also a very generous actor because he wants you to look good too."

Holt says she was not overly familiar with Charles Manson, who was considered the living embodiment of evil after founding a hippie following called The Family. They went on to brutally murder a group of Hollywood residents, including actress Sharon Tate. "I wasn't too familiar with Manson because, being from Australia, we have our own serial killers," she says. "But I'd heard about his heinous crimes and it was awesome to research all that because in the show we see a lot of Manson with his girls, and we see it started out as someone who was trying to spread love but definitely went down the wrong path."

The actress describes the series as "gritty" and proudly adds, "What we get to see is that the counterculture was booming and there was a really strong anti-establishment movement and there was a lot of tension with racism and war. This show feels really different and original, and I hope people respond to it."

Aquarius, TV One, Tuesday

TV Guide is in stores every Thursday

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Re: Vampire Diaries star on Aquarius and David Duchovny

Post by sir on Mon 29 Jun - 11:44



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