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Aquarius Fun Facts About Spencer Garrett

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Aquarius Fun Facts About Spencer Garrett

Post by jade1013 on Sat 4 Jul - 20:13

Published: 31 May 2015

Aquarius Fun Facts About Spencer Garrett

Spencer Garrett is quite possibly one of the busiest actors in Hollywood these days. He is in the USA Network series Satisfaction, Survivors Remorse, Murder In The First and of course, the new NBC series Aquarius. This handsome talent recently took time off from his schedule to chat with me and to say we had a blast would be an understatement. By the time we were done, I felt as if I had† a new friend. Below are some† of the highlights from our chat.


1. He loves being back on the set of Satisfaction and says that the cast is like family. He loves playing his character and says that we are going to be seeing some changes this season. I wonít give too much away, but I can promise you that we will be seeing more sides of him than ever before.†

He adds that he loves the character because he has he best dialogue and gets to make references and comments that are not always appropriate. He says that he has no filter and doesnít care what people think.†

2. In Survivors Remorse, Spencer plays an old school, funny Southern lawyer who is representing a famous basketball family.He says the role is a blast to play and he loves that his job lets him play different types of characters.†

3. He is also in Aquarius with David Duchovny. The show, which takes place in the 1960s, centers around Charles Manson and his murder spree. We get to see Spencerís characterís past with the infamous serial killer and how he is trying to keep it under wraps now that he is a cop. I wonít ruin the surprise, but I promise you it is something you do not want to miss! He hopes people tune in and enjoy the ride because it is a project he is very proud to have been a part of.†

4. In Murder In The First, Spencer plays the father of a serial killer. He is a psychiatrist, but also a sociopath. We get to see different things that go on with the crime spree from start to finish and it is going tot be nothing short of intense.

5. He would love to guest star on Better Call Saul, especially since one of his best friends is also on the show. He says that the show gives him his Breaking Bad fix. He says he cannot get enough of the original and has already watched it on Netflix twice.†

6. One of the biggest moments of his career so far was having the chance to go on Mad Men. He loves the fact that he got to be a part of TV history and says being on the show was thrilling.

7. He is very grateful to his fans and thanks them for their support. He is also humbled that he gets to work at doing something he loves and hopes that people continue to tune in to his various projects.†

Thank you to Spencer and his team for this interview and be sure to check out all his amazing work!

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Re: Aquarius Fun Facts About Spencer Garrett

Post by sir on Sun 5 Jul - 3:34



Thank you Maria!
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