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EXCLUSIVE: Claire Holt Talks Aquarius & Missing The Originals

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EXCLUSIVE: Claire Holt Talks Aquarius & Missing The Originals

Post by jade1013 on Sun 5 Jul - 20:57

EXCLUSIVE: Claire Holt Talks Aquarius & Missing The Originals

Posted by Theo on April 8, 2015 at 9:54 AM

Photo Credit: NBC

Get excited, fang fans: If you enjoyed watching Claire Holt kick ass on The Originals, then wait until you see her in action ó alongside David Duchovny, Grey Damon, Michaela McManus, and Gethin Anthony ó in the new NBC drama Aquarius, which follows the investigation of Charles Manson and the Manson family before their infamous Tate-LaBianca murder spree. The 26-year-old Aussie actress plays Officer Charmaine Tully, a vigorous law enforcer who, despite being smart, independent and driven, struggles to be taken seriously in the 1967 male-dominated world of the LAPD. She works hard and expects respect from her male co-workers, but quickly realizes that this is no easy feat.

That said, we recently caught up with Claire to get the scoop on the dark thriller, her go-getter character, and whether or not sheíll ever return to The Originals. Scroll on down for the exclusive details!

Alloy Entertainment: What specific research did you do for your role in Aquarius?
Claire Holt: Films. Books. I read a book called Policewoman Number One that was so interesting. I read everything i could. I looked at pictures. What did women on the police force wear at that time? Why is she wearing a skirt? Thatís not very functional. How can you run after bad guys? Well, women didnít run after the bad guys. They made coffee. They didnít do any sort of important police work. My character is the first to be able to do that.

Alloy Entertainment: What do you like most about playing empowered women?
Claire Holt:
The interesting thing is this character starts off very dis-empowered with no rights, no one acknowledges her. And she believes in herself and her potential and thereís something so inspiring about playing someone with self-worth, playing someone whoís strong. I like to think that I demonstrate the qualities that a strong woman demonstrates. Itís not just being tough and bullheaded and trying to make my way in a manís world. Itís being confident and kind and loving and intelligent.

Alloy Entertainment: Is your new character as kickass as Rebekah Mikaelson?
Claire Holt:
Charmaine is pretty kickass. Sheís living in a world where itís not conducive for her so itís hard for her to be successful and equivalent to the men.

Alloy Entertainment: Charmaine goes undercover to get information on Manson. Will she get sucked in?
Claire Holt:
I donít think thereís anything I can tell you that isnít a spoiler. But sheís the first woman thatís allowed to go undercover. Sheís loosely based on a real life person, but not in the Manson world. Sheís smart and headstrong. Youíll have to watch to see what happens.

Alloy Entertainment: Is there a danger that the show will glorify Manson?
Claire Holt:
I donít think anyone ever set out to glorify him. Heís a notorious figure and this doesnít paint him in any kind of glorified light. It shows there must have been a reason that he got these people to do such hideous things. He started out about love and family, that was his message and we begin showing how he got to the place he got to. This is the origin story of Charles Manson.

Alloy Entertainment: Has he or anyone associated with him reached out to anyone about Aquarius?
Claire Holt:
Not me directly. Iím not sure about the producers.

Alloy Entertainment: What do you miss most about The Originals?
Claire Holt:
They were my family. I love those boys. I love Joseph [Morgan] and Daniel [Gillies] and the crew. It was my home for three years. Iíd certainly like to go back and see them.

ó Reporting by Gerri Miller

We canít wait to see Claire in her gritty new role. Sheís an incredible actress and we know sheíll do the character justice. And who knows ó maybe sheíll surprise us by popping up on The Originals Season 2 when we least expect her!

So, can you picture Claire playing a tough cop? Are you excited for Aquarius? Be sure to tune in to its premiere Thursday, May 28 at 8:00 pm ET on NBC!

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Re: EXCLUSIVE: Claire Holt Talks Aquarius & Missing The Originals

Post by sir on Mon 6 Jul - 3:43



Thank you Maria!
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