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Answers with Spencer Garrett

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Answers with Spencer Garrett

Post by jade1013 on Sun 19 Jul - 13:20

Answers with Spencer Garrett

Spencer Garrett, Actor: Stars in NBC's "Aquarius"

Danielle Dickson

Perennial favorite on both the small and big screen Spencer Garrett talks about his workaholic lifestyle and how he manages to balance his recurring roles on four of today's hottest television series. Currently you can see Spencer on NBC's "Aquarius," USA's "Satisfaction," STARZ's "Survivor's Remorse," and TNT's "Murder in the First." Be sure to look for Spencer Garrett this Fall in ABC's "Blood and Oil" opposite Don Johnson.

Rising To Fame & "Satisfaction"

Dickson: Every actor has one: What's your story of how you "made it"?

Garrett: Maybe because I had a front row seat in a family of actors whose fortunes rose and fell with the changing tides and tastes of the industry - and had a father who was a longtime theatrical agent throughout 40 years of a constantly morphing business - but the notion of saying "I've made it" kind of gives me the willies. I'm enjoying a wonderful run and getting to play a wider variety of roles than I ever have, but I've been savvy enough to grow up with a healthy dose of perspective about the vagaries of Hollywood, mixed with a dollop of cynicism.

I've been a working actor for 25 years but I'll always remember that three month stretch during the writer's strike in 07 when I was carrying a picket sign in solidarity with my writer friends and realized "this might go on for awhile...I need to make some dough". So I went back to work in a friend's restaurant for a few months to keep the bills paid. First time I'd had to do that in 20 -odd years as a working actor. I had a blast doing it, actually. And in the midst of that lull I was cast in Michael Mann's "Public Enemies", a film, and experience, that really turned around the trajectory of my career.

Maybe it was at that point that the roles started to get bigger and better and come with more frequency - I haven't slowed down since - But when I speak to students, I tell them It's important to understand that this is a cyclical business. Like it or not, you ARE sometimes as good as your last job. Savor it while you can, enjoy the perks and the prizes, and be grateful for the opportunities that come down the pike. That being said, if I had to pick a moment where I thought I was pretty good at this trade and the people who hold the strings seem to think so, too, it would be it would when I was walking out of a screening of a little indie film I'd done and bumping into the great Frances McDormand and her husband Joel Coen. Mr. Coen said, "you are one hell of an actor, man". I knew then that if I hadn't "made it" - at least I was here to stay. Those kinds of moments in time are priceless to me.

Dickson: We can also see you again in season 2 of USA's "Satisfaction". What's it like being back on set for round two?

Garrett: I'm absolutely loving being back in Atlanta for round 2 of "Satisfaction"! Matt and Stephanie really set the tone for the show on and off the set and we have a lot of fun.They are hardworking, dedicated actors who are committed to elevating the material. The show has veered off into some dark and crazy places this season - audiences are in for a real surprise and the season has the potential to be quite polarizing so I think we're all very anxious to see the reaction. As for Stephanie, I could watch that woman read the phone book so I'm looking forward to seeing what she does with Grace this season. She brings ALL the colors. Quite a switch from the woman who reached through my stomach, grabbed my deputy's gun and capped me in "Iron Man 3"!

I'm a workaholic. I'm really at my best when I'm working.

(Photo: Richard DuCree/USA Network)

Dickson: What's new with your character Victor and what can we expect from season 2 of "Satisfaction"?

Garrett: Well, at the end of season 1 it looked as though Victor was tapping into his softer, more sensitive side by getting a puppy dog (the appropriately named "Little Shit"). But as we'll see right from the get-go that softness didn't really take hold. He's still kind of a lovable jerk but he and Neil have reached a kind of Detente and have started trying to work together. I can't say much more...only that Victor turns out to be not quite who he seems...

Dickson: So I can't even keep up with all the shows you're on because you're on so many! Do you actually have time to watch all of the shows that you're on?

Garrett: I'm not real crazy about watching myself - I haven't seen too many of the t.v projects I've done in the last few years - I have a tendency to want to jump through the screen and redo a performance and it just makes me bananas - but I'll probably get around to looking at them at some point. I am watching "Aquarius" now because I think it's extraordinarily well made television and it gave me some of the most complex work I've gotten to do in a long while. I loved working with Brian F. O'Byrne, an actor I've long admired, and I was curious to see how we played off of one another. Getting to play so many scenes with him was just a gift.

"Aquarius" & His Key To Success

Dickson: "Aquarius," another one of the shows that you have a recurring role in just premiered May 28th. How is "Aquarius" different from other cops shows currently on the air?

Garrett: To me, "Aquarius" is different for two reasons: 1) THE WRITING. It's just great, great stuff. John McNamara and his writers really captured the time and feel of L.A in 1967 in all it's dirty, freaky glory. 2) Duchovny. He's a true star. And such an unlikely actor to play this kind of hardboiled throwback cop role. Which is exactly why it works. And he brings a great sense of wry,weary humor - he holds the patent on his kind of delivery -to what could otherwise be a plodding cop drama. He's the beating heart of the show. I've known David since we did an episode of "The X-Files" years ago and I loved working with him then. Such a smart actor. We don't cross paths in "Aquarius" but you never know what may await Hal Banyin if there's a season two. Keep those cards and letters comin', folks!

Dickson: How in the world do you find time to be on so many shows? Does it take its toll on you, or do you prefer the "workaholic" lifestyle?

Garrett: In addition to "Aquarius" and "Murder in the First" where I play a sociopathic psychiatrist, I shot a pilot, "Blood and Oil" for ABC with Don Johnson and Amber Valletta, playing a Mormon Gubernatorial candidate and am recurring on STARZ's "Survivor's Remorse" as a Southern lawyer. Those four gigs couldn't be more different. As a character actor, these are the kinds of roles you dream about playing. I'm a workaholic. I'm really at my best when I'm working. Sure, the travel can be exhausting - add to the mix that my girlfriend lives in Washington, D.C. - but I'd be an ass if I ever uttered a word of complaint.

(Photo: NBC)

Dickson: As we discussed, you've juggled recurring and guest roles on several shows throughout your career. Do you prefer playing a variety of characters or a single character for multiple seasons?

Garrett: I'd be crazy to say I wouldn't love the financial security that being on a series for multiple seasons brings, as well as exploring the journey of one character. It would be a wonderful challenge. But right now, getting the opportunities to play so many different kinds of roles only helps me to learn and grow as an artist and I just embrace that. If I were lucky enough to be cast on a long running series, that would be great, and I'd welcome that challenge as well. Bring it on.

Dickson: Over the course of your career you've played everything from dirty politicians and senators to high-profile businessmen, but do you have a dream role that you haven't yet tackled that'd you'd like to?

Garrett: Dream role? Why, "Hamlet" of course. That ship has sailed, I'm afraid. But I'd love to take a crack at Richard the Third if given the chance. That one requires ALL the tools in your kit, and then some.

Dickson: As someone who has been in the business for over 2.5 decades, what would you say is the key to a long and successful acting career?

Garrett: The key to a long and successful career? A sense of humor. Period. It's a rollercoaster ride. Strap in and prepare yourself for the ups and downs. Also: have a hobby outside of acting otherwise the nuttiness of the business can be what drives you. It shouldn't.

Dickson: What's your advice for hopeful young actors and actresses with dreams to make it big in Hollywood?

Garrett: Advice for young hopefuls: See above. And don't "dream about making it big". Just dream. Just do the work. Just know your craft, and if you're fortunate enough to be a working actor? Be grateful the universe is giving you a chance to do what you love to do.

Credit to original photographer, poster, scanner, site & anyone I may have missed in between

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Re: Answers with Spencer Garrett

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