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Dear Emmy: Networks, cable should be judged separately

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Dear Emmy: Networks, cable should be judged separately

Post by jade1013 on Tue 21 Jul - 20:44

Dear Emmy: Networks, cable should be judged separately

Published Jul 20, 2015 at 6:00 am (Updated Jul 19, 2015 at 9:41 pm)

Terry Hazlett

While it may be true that interest in TV’s Emmy Awards telecast is tumbling, Emmy still translates as “quality” to viewers. That’s all the more reason that networks should take back the Emmy as their own and relegate cable shows to the original 1978-97 ACE Awards.

Just seven of the 39 major Emmy nominees this year are from network shows, and best drama nominees have not a single network representative. What does that say about the networks? Perhaps not what you think.

Network programming subscribes to a different set of standards than cable fare; suffice it to say that “Game of Thrones,” “Orange is the New Black” or “Mad Men” would be severely edited for network presentation. Would it be fair to have players from the Washington Wild Things and Pittsburgh Pirates in competition for the same award? Or actors from a regional and Broadway musical? Actors and shows are only as good as the scripts, and scripts for cable and network programming are decidedly different.

Some quibbling aside, the Emmy nominees this year are pretty much the best television has to offer. But lumping cable, network and Netflix-type programming into one category is absurd. And consider this: What Emmy voter could possibly have seen every one of the thousands of series offered on 500-plus channels?

• Last week’s Major League All-Star Game was seen in an average of 6.6 percent of homes – an all-time low. Despite what you may hear on sports radio, however, that doesn’t necessarily translate into declining interest in baseball or all-star games in general. What it clearly indicates, instead, is the continuing evolution of the entertainment industry.

In the 1960s, viewing the All-Star Game was one of four prime-time choices. And it was most likely the only new viewing option of the night, as summer TV consisted almost entirely of repeats. This year’s game, on Fox, competed against hundreds of TV options, not to mention Internet, gaming and DVD choices. And competing major networks all offered some new product, including two of the hottest summer series, “America’s Got Talent” (NBC) and “Zoo” (CBS).

•With so much criticism of ball-and-strike umpiring this year, you’d think Root Sports would offer a live “strike zone” box as featured on the nationally televised Pittsburgh-St. Louis games. Root instead uses the box as an occasional post-mortem sidebar. It’s antiquated by comparison.

•There are a multitude of surprises in ratings of this year’s TV summer series, although “America’s Got Talent” is again the top show (and, with rumors persisting that Simon Cowell may replace Howard Stern as a judge next season, ratings could spike yet again). The Nos. 2 and 3 shows, however, are head scratchers – “Celebrity Family Feud” and “Zoo.” The fluffy “Family Feud” doesn’t seem to be a Sunday night fit, and the premise of “Zoo” is just preposterous. Then again, TV viewers are a different animal – pun intended.

•To no one’s surprise, “Under the Dome” and “Extant” ratings nosedived this year. “Dome” was always plagued by bad acting; this year, the actors appear to be writing the nonsensical scripts as well. “Extant” is a better show, but never had ratings to even justify a sophomore year.

•The ratings aren’t in yet for TVLand’s new “Impastor,” but catch it if you can. It’s an extremely entertaining comedy, but not one that would ever see the light of day on a network.

•June’s top video-on-demand choices in this area, which pretty much mirror the national list, are “Game of Thrones,” “Aquarius,” “The Bachelorette,” “Wayward Pines” and “Chrisly Knows Best.” I mention this because the survival of two of those series – “Aquarius” and “Wayward Pines” – will be dependent on delayed viewing, as neither was a ratings giant in its assigned time slot.

•So wouldn’t you know NBC renewed “Aquarius” for a second season just before it was moved to TV’s black-hole Saturday with the canceled “Hannibal”? Someone at NBC is squirming … how do you tell a showrunner his show has been un-renewed?

• In the most recent Pittsburgh radio ratings (which do not include the majority of suburban stations), WWSW was No. 1 for the third consecutive month, beating past No. 1 contenders WDVE and WRRK. It should be noted here that all three stations play primarily classic hits, a newer moniker for oldies – which radio dropped when research revealed women evidently don’t like to be associated with anything old. Classic, though, is OK.

•Was it really that long ago when stations battling with KDKA-AM for the top spot were those with current music formats?

•Perhaps in a slight nod to Western Pennsylvania’s slow influx of younger residents, current hits WKST climbed into third place, while three “new music” country stations continue to battle it out for the lower rungs of the top 10. One suspects that,were there just one country outlet, it would be a powerhouse in terms of ratings.

•Have you picked your 2015 Song of Summer yet? It may well turn out to be the continuously played “Uptown Funk,” which after about nine months on the charts, qualifies as an oldie. Sorry, make that a “classic hit.”


Credit to original photographer, poster, scanner, site & anyone I may have missed in between

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Re: Dear Emmy: Networks, cable should be judged separately

Post by Duchovny on Wed 22 Jul - 1:37


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Re: Dear Emmy: Networks, cable should be judged separately

Post by sir on Wed 22 Jul - 3:17



Thank you Maria!
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Re: Dear Emmy: Networks, cable should be judged separately

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