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Ask Matt: Aquarius and Hannibal's Demotion

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Ask Matt: Aquarius and Hannibal's Demotion

Post by jade1013 on Sat 25 Jul - 15:18

Ask Matt: Aquarius and Hannibal's Demotion, Good Wife Devotion, Summer Cult TV and More

Rich Sands
July 23, 2015 6:00 am

Vivian Zink/NBC

Question: What do you think about NBC moving Hannibal and Aquarius to Saturday nights because of the low ratings both shows were getting on Thursdays? While it's no surprise that the now canceled Hannibal is moving to Saturdays, it's very surprising that the network also chose to move Aquarius, a show that has been renewed for a second season. The reason why Aquarius had low ratings on Thursdays was because NBC had put the show's entire first season online, and many of the show's viewers had already seen all the episodes online. The online success of Aquarius was the reason NBC renewed the show for a second season! By moving Aquarius to Saturdays, is NBC now reconsidering renewing that show and might end up canceling Aquarius? And if they really intend on moving forward with another season of Aquarius next summer, will they release the entire second season online for a few weeks around the time the show airs on TV like they did this season? – Chris

Matt Roush: These are questions I'm betting NBC's execs will be fielding when they take reporters' questions at the upcoming TCA press tour, which I'll be attending. (It starts next week, but the broadcast networks don't kick in until August.) I'm sorry, but also not surprised, that Hannibal is slinking off the air in this graveyard slot—it's a small miracle it managed to make it to three seasons—but the Aquarius experiment is a different story. It's possible the show would have been a ratings failure even without the digital exposure of the entire season, but the question is whether it makes sense to NBC's bottom line to give it away digitally and then to try to sustain it with a regular weekly airing schedule. Obviously, that didn't work this time, and there's also the question of whether the entire second season can be produced in time to execute the same binge strategy, if they even want to go there. I guess NBC could just dump Aquarius, as some have speculated, but odds are that they will give it a second chance. (If you did make it to the end of the 13 episodes on a binge, you'll know the story is far from over.) How they'll present and schedule it is the big unknown, and I wouldn't be surprised if Aquarius were to air the next time the old-fashioned way, with the opportunity for binge-watching occurring only after the entire series has already aired.

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Re: Ask Matt: Aquarius and Hannibal's Demotion

Post by sir on Sat 25 Jul - 15:35



Thank you Maria!
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