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Summer TV 2015: 3 trends for the season

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Summer TV 2015: 3 trends for the season

Post by jade1013 on Sat 8 Aug - 8:22

Summer TV 2015: 3 trends for the season

TV blogger Clara Bush examines some of the summer 2015 TV shows.

David Duchovny as Sam Hodiak, center, in "Aquarius." (Vivian Zink/TNS)

Clara Bush
Posted on Aug. 7, 2015 at 6:15 p.m.

While it’s probably more fun to be poolside or at least in the sun, there are still many TV shows to watch.

A lot of well-known actors (JoAnna Garcia-Swisher, Natasha Leggero, Matt Dillon, Terrence Howard) are popping up on various summer shows, but that doesn’t mean the shows are entertaining.

Here are three trends I’ve noticed this summer TV season:


Let me introduce you to two Fox shows: “Boom!” with comedian Tom Papa and “Bullseye” with Kellan Lutz of “Twilight” fame.

“Boom!” is basically “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” with the risk of foreign food objects flying if the bomb goes off after so many wrong answers.

And “Bullseye” is just people performing strange physical tests before attempting to hit a target. It belongs on MTV, not Fox.

NBC had “I Can Do That,” which had a lot of star power but no substance. I didn’t even make it through an episode without getting bored.

And then there’s CBS’ “The Briefcase,” which is plain awful because its twisted take on charity and money makes the show an embarrassment.

I suggest sticking to “Hollywood Game Night.” The Jane Lynch-hosted NBC show recently returned for its third season.


Four summer shows leave viewers questioning what’s next.

MTV’s “Scream,” based on the popular movie franchise, is a campy mystery with a teen target audience, but who will be killed next is a driving plot factor.

ABC’s “The Whispers” looks at who can be manipulated. Kids seem to trust “Drill,” an invisible force/friend, but the parents seem confused and/or afraid.

“Wayward Pines” is a slower show focusing on a mysterious town in a dystopia-type setting. The Fox show questions wisdom, choice and sacrifice as characters attempt to figure out what’s going on and/or how to get back home.

CBS’ “Zoo,” based on the James Patterson book, is the most compelling new mystery. It looks at what could happen if animals were to attempt to take over the world.


Two shows take a look at the 1960s, dramatizing true events.

“Aquarius,” starring David Duchovny, looks into the early years of trying to find Charles Manson.

For a show that’s focused on finding a murderer, the pace is slow, without any high stakes. And it’s slightly predictable.

And then there’s “The Astronaut Wives Club.” Based on the book by Lily Koppel, the fashion may be fun, but the ABC show doesn’t have too much spark.

It might be better to re-watch “Mad Men” if you want to relive the ’60s.

What TV shows have you been watching this summer?

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Re: Summer TV 2015: 3 trends for the season

Post by Duchovny on Sat 8 Aug - 8:26


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Re: Summer TV 2015: 3 trends for the season

Post by sir on Sat 8 Aug - 8:38



Thank you Maria!
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Re: Summer TV 2015: 3 trends for the season

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