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Review of David Duchovny’s Best New Song on The his Singer Songwriter

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Review of David Duchovny’s Best New Song on The his Singer Songwriter

Post by jade1013 on Thu 22 Oct - 3:09

Review of David Duchovny’s Best New Song on The his Singer Songwriter Debut Album: “Hell or Highwater”

October 22, 2015

So who am I to put out a review of someone like David Duchovny? Well I’m AN artist. A currently unsuccessful, yet prolific artist. I thought he may like to know what the rest of the undiscovered world of artists thinks of his attempt at bridging the gap between the fine art of the the things you comfortably master, and daring to do the most terrifying evolution of yourself.

My first Listen Was to Let it Rain on The New 2015 release Hell or Highwater with 12 tracks.

I didn’t want to hear the title album song first because i was a bit skeptical. The title song is usually the one the artist bases the concept behind a cohesive group… and They think its the best. So with open ears, i turned on Let it rain. Ok. I cringed.

.. But hey what do I know. I watched American Idol for ten years. As well as another show.. which may be familiar to the readers of this article.

Ok. That was my first listen first song. not amazing, but needed work.

I had really been through hell myself lately coincidently, so I had been trying to get some important things in my life back. One of those was my ability to feel like finding out about those things that once held deep interest for me.

So That was also the very first day I ever looked up David Duchovny’s biography.

He freaking went to Yale AND Princeton? He can bloody write too.

ok. so why are we surprised? because we spent ten years knowing him only as the ultimately sexually repressed. ((although later we find this perhaps to be a single character line ….see also Californication) He was sincerely amusing his love fool to his dearest costar and they save the world without saving themselves. well technically. they saved themselves .. every episode… week. anyhow.

So now Desperately wanted to be watched loverly sings… to US? as an entire Audience ready to see who David is instead of who he plays on Tv.

Thats some scary fucking shit.

So I gave another song a listen. The Rain song. Apparently Im only happy when it rains. But he however is not. He really really excelled at Hell and High-water. go figure he spent a career fighting… well i’m not giving anything away. after all, generations have yet to discover this.

All I can say is the entire rest of the day the chorus and iambic pentameter of Hell or High-water echoed in my head at tense moments as if the words knew their meaning in my brain. He sang that one on key too. and the music is pretty guitar and twangy for a first time go at some thing modern for well.. i’m 40 i think he gas me beat by a couple few.

So I went back and played the whole album not once … but .. well its still going. awesome. a freak now. thanks. Lol. Seriously its like tasting chocolate for the first time without enough sugar. Its awesome it has potential…you could totally eat the cake you made out of it… but please add some cream and sugar.

one final thing.. Go watch him live perform on Youtube

Its actually better than the cuts on the album I think His voice transitions through the words way smoother. Probably more practice. he’s new, yah know. yeah I just said that. crap I am totally getting smote-ed soon. but its the truth and something tells me.. i.e. remember somewhere … maybe it was on poster. I dunno.

Keep going. don’t stop.

Its especially encouraging to me because My Favorite band is Pearl Jam another brilliant writer eddie vedder. While the voices, they don’t compare, and the guitar is in good faith,.. the writing and the vocals sticking to what they can do really complete the work. I know ALL about the vocals sticking to what they can do as I have had the recent misfortune of recording my own on garageband over and over as therapy after the aforementioned time in the place we shall call, Hell.

Recording your own voice for the first time is THE single most terrifying thing i can think of besides watching yourself act. Imma going to keep trying till maybe i don’t suck too much.. whilst I continue with my graphic design prolifi-cation. Never know when ART will work out.

Note to David:
Thanks, You inspired this digital painting of mine entitled, let go just enough for fate ….. I was going to add to form a pattern.. but you’d have got that. I hope this finds you. I found a tumblr blog and practically died of embarrassment for how many similar fans there must be out there. But got to try to communicate. Otherwise what fuck is the social media revolution for. I mean. If I had my people contact your people.. it’d be a different story. but hey I got tumblr! and blogs and Facebook and twitter and pinterest and reverberation and youtube, and my own website. Mad, it’s mad love I have for this thing you’ve done.

a 10: 21 production
Written by admin

Independent Art Blog by Blooming Vine Design

Credit to original photographer, poster, scanner, site & anyone I may have missed in between

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Re: Review of David Duchovny’s Best New Song on The his Singer Songwriter

Post by sir on Thu 22 Oct - 3:13



Thank you Maria!
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Re: Review of David Duchovny’s Best New Song on The his Singer Songwriter

Post by Duchovny on Thu 22 Oct - 3:31


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Re: Review of David Duchovny’s Best New Song on The his Singer Songwriter

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